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Center Directors, Managers and Programmers working with diverse cultures/populations; Wellness Coordinators, Fitness trainers and others concerned with the nations obesity challenges;ecreation and Parks (Municipal, County, State, and Federal) Citizen Advisory Board Members, Directors and Administrators, Community Program Planners, Programmers, Marketers, Athletic and Maintenance employees;

Recreation and Parks (Municipal, County, State and Federal) Citizen Members, Directors and Administrators, Community Program Planners, Programmers, Athletic and Maintenance employees;

Event Organizers, Performing and Visual Arts Coordinators, Arts Managers, Arts Council Directors, Arts Instructors;

Aquatic Directors, Pool Managers, Swimming Instructors, Programmers;

Therapeutic Programmers, Clinicians, Activity Directors, Special Populations Coordinators, ADA Coordinators;

Environmentalists, Resource Managers, Naturalists, Park Rangers, Biologists, Wildlife Officers;



We CREATE healthy, positive recreation experiences and facilities for the citizens of Tennessee!

Information/Communication – The world around us is constantly changing and at a faster rate than ever before, through e-mails, list serves, magazines and workshops you will stay up to date on trends and issues. Your voice will be represented at the state and national capitols on parks and recreation issues affecting you, our members and the citizens of Tennessee.

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Individual Membership Benefits:

 * Free District Meetings
 * Up to date information from the parks and recreation field every other Friday through the e-newsletter.  This emailed publication includes grant        opportunities, workshop and webinar information, job listings, and more.  It is news you can use.
 * Opportunities to affect change in how parks and recreation is viewed in Tennessee.
 * Networking Opportunities – through the Annual membership directory, meetings and workshops meet your future employers and learn from them.
* Free access to job and internship listings on the TRPA web site.
* Educational Discounts – TRPA members receive 30% discounts on all TRPA educational opportunities. Your membership pays for it self.
* Leadership Opportunities – TRPA activities are run by members for members. Leadership opportunities abound. You can develop skills that will help you get that next promotion or job.
* Forums - Get your questions answered by your TRPA peers and help answer theirs.  Our forums are open to current TRPA members only.
* Branches and Sections - affiliate with the branches and sections that impact you.  Descriptions are listed below.

Administration - If you primarily lead staff, manage policies/procedures, manage budgets or coordinate large-scale department planning, you may    identify with this branch

          Facilities and Parks - If you primarily maintain a physical property or carry out daily facility operations, you may identify with this branch

          Programming and Recreation - If you primarily work with the public planning, coordinating and facilitating any type of program, you may identify with this branch 

Interest Sections:
          Ethnic Minority:  Members shall have an interest in Ethnic Minorities in the recreation and parks movement in Tennessee including those in municipal, private, voluntary, institutional, religious, educational, commercial, travel, tourism, and industrial organizations.         

          Municipal/County: Municipal or county park directors, community center employees, state and federal planners, athletic directors, and maintenance employees

Agency Membership Packages - please see brochure for packages.

 Commerical Membership

   Listing in annual membership Directory
   Discounts on exhibiting
   Up to 2 sets of mailing lables per year (as requested)

To become a member of TRPA please complete the on-line membership form (see link under membership button) or fill out the following form and mail with a check.  (Please do not email credit card information.  It is not secure.)