• Leadership Forum
    August 28-30, 2022
    Fall Creek Falls State Park

  • Certified Playground Safety Inspector
    Class & Exam
    September 7-9, 2022
    Memphis, TN

  • TRPEF Board Meeting
    October 7, 2022  10am CT/11am ET

  • Annual Conference & Trade Show
    November 14-17
    Mills Conference Center

TRPA Mission:  To strengthen and unite those committed to the benefits of parks and recreation.

TRPA Vision: The leader in supporting highly effective professionals to achieve healthy, livable communities.

TRPA Membership,  It’s How We Connect!

Hello, TRPA family! I know you all are very busy preparing for your first (mostly) normal summer programming in a couple of years. Our new challenge seems to be that our communities are ready for parks and recreation departments to be fully open and offer as many, or more, programs as ever before. Our challenge is finding a way to navigate this while operating with about half the part-time staff we are used to. In a time where fast-food restaurants are paying $15 an hour for a new hire, we need to find creative ways to entice these folks to come work for us! My recommendation is to be flexible with your schedule, allow part-time staff to take some time off this summer, and offer memberships and facility discounts for your employees and their families. Part-time employees want to feel valued, the same as full-time, and providing these types of incentives can express to them their importance. Let’s face it — we really cannot operate functionally without them!   Read more in the current TRPA magazine 

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TRPA/TRPEF Joint Membership 

The Tennessee Recreation and Parks Education Foundation (TRPEF) provides scholarships to students and professionals and offers a special scholarship for CPRP/CPRE certifications.  TRPEF is funded through annual memberships and fundraising efforts.  In an attempt to make it easier to pay your TRPEF dues, TRPA and TRPEF have created a joint membership program for professional, citizen, and agency members.  When you renew your 2022/23 membership the system will renew for both memberships.  If you wish to not be a member of one of the organizations, please call the TRPA staff at 615-790-0041 for assistance.