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2018 Quick Games Guide
2018 EMIS and Programmers School Quick Game Reference.docx [DOWNLOAD]

Craft - butterflies
description of how to make
EPSON224 - butterflies.PDF [DOWNLOAD]

Craft - corded coasters
description of how to make.
EPSON223 - corded coasters.PDF [DOWNLOAD]

Craft - soap purse
directions on how to create.
EPSON222 - soap purse.PDF [DOWNLOAD]

Craft - yarn monsters
directions on how to make.
EPSON225 - yarn monsters.PDF [DOWNLOAD]

Game Book
Game book by Crawley for Memphis Conference.docx [DOWNLOAD]

Games and Coloring Pages

Programming for People with Disabilities Handout
Programming for and with People with Disabilities.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Senior Exercise
by the Arthritis Foundation