All Offsites are limited.  Please register early.  If registration is full, please start the wait line by the transportation and we will take as many people as the site/transportation allows.

Monday 11/14/2022

1:00-3:15pm      Baker Creek Bike Park - a case study on hard surface features Offsite
                          Greenways/Blueways User Conflict Offsite

Tuesday 11/15/2022

8:00-11:00am    Maintenance Madness Offsite 
                          Fish & Flowers Offsite
2:45-5:00pm      Creative Water Programming Offsite
                          Hike Through History Offsite 

Wednesday 11/16/2022

8:00-10:45am     Arrowmont Craft School Offsite
                           Cal Ripken Experience Offsite
2:15-4:30pm       ADA Compliant Parks Offsite
                           Experience Your Smokies Hike

Thursday 11/17/2022

11:45-12:45pm   Wave Pool to Ice Rink Offsite (on the way home - Provide your own transportation)