Making Connections

Take advantage of these opportunities to make connections with your peers outside of class time.  Meals in Bold are included in Full Registration.  Meals in color are included in that days registration.

Monday 11/14/2022
          11:45am            Maintenance Institute Lunch (included for Maintenance Institute Only attendees, separate fee in advance for                                            everyone else)
          Noon-3:15pm    Maintenance Games and Heavy Equipment Showcase
          3:30-4:45pm      Opening Session - Sponsored by Ragan Smith
          5:00-7:00pm      Dinner with the Exhibitors
          7:00-9:30pm      District Games/Networking

Tuesday 11/15/2022
          11:00-11:30am   Branch Meetings
          11:45-1:45pm     Lunch with the Exhibitors
           2:00-2:30pm      Interest Section Meetings
           6:30-7:30pm      Past President’s/Fellows/Distinguished Young Professionals Event - Sponsored by Pigeon Forge Parks & Recreation
           7:00-10:00pm    Scavenger Hunt - Sponsored by Cunningham Recreation

Wednesday 11/16/2022
           11:00-11:45am  District Meetings
           Noon-2:00pm    Sponsored Lunch at the Park - Sponsored by Lose Design
           6:00-11:00pm    Awards Banquet and Dance - Sponsored by Kimley-Horn

Thursday 11/17/2022
           9:00-11:00am    Branch/Section Awards Breakfast Sponsored by Barge Design