Featured Speakers

Opening Keynote  11/18/2020 8:30-10:30am CT

Chris Nunes, CPRE, Director of Parks and Recreation for The Woodlands Township, in The Woodlands, Texas.
In that position, Chris oversees a $36.3 million operational budget, $4-5 million yearly capital improvement program and is accountable for the management of 148 parks, 15 swimming pools and aquatic facilities, and 220 miles of pathways. He speaks around the country (over 380+ times) on topics including: business plans, contracting, creative programming, marketing, external funding, communication, leadership and succession planning. In 2012, Chris was elected as a fellow of the American Academy of Parks and Recreation Administrators, in 2015 he received the National Distinguished Professional Award from NRPA and in 2016-2017 he was the President of the American Academy of Parks and Recreation Administrators and in 2019 The Woodlands Township was recognized by NRPA by winning the Gold Medal Grand Plaque Award for excellence in parks and recreation management. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Management, a Master’s Degree in Sports Management both from Springfield College and a PhD in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of New Mexico.  Sponsored by Recreational Concepts/Landscape Structures

Jo Burns, MS, CTRS, Jo Burns Consulting

Jo Burns is widely known for her work in bringing together professionals from parks, recreation and public health She is the co-founder of the Colorado Public Health/Parks & Recreation Collaborative. Over the past several years the collaborative has focused on common interests and mutual impact areas, such as reducing obesity and chronic illness, increasing opportunities for physical activity, improving access to healthy food and beverage choices, and developing walk-able communities.  Jo is a Parks & Recreation professional with over 20 years of experience in community, camp and association settings, and continues to be a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. With numerous public speaking engagements, and critically acclaimed workshops, Jo is a recognized expert in parks and public health arenas.

Koboi Simpson, CYSA, Clayton County (GA) Parks & Recreation 
Koboi Simpson is the Athletics Administrator for the Clayton County Parks & Recreation Department, in Clayton County, Georgia, where he manages youth sports operations. He is a frequent speaker at several state and national conferences, delivering presentations on best practices in youth sports. Koboi is a Certified Parks & Recreation Professional and a Certified Youth Sports Administrator. Koboi has been a volunteer coach for more than 20 years, and he is also the host of a weekly podcast on youth sports called “The Rookie Report.”

Dr. Samose L. Mays,  Recreation Director,  Bryan County (GA) Parks and Recreation 
Dr. Samose Mays is the Recreation Director of Bryan County Parks and Recreation in Bryan County Georgia and a professor of Recreation Management at Georgia Southern University. His dissertation thesis focuses on Bullying Prevention in the recreational and physical education setting. His research has uncovered that bullying on these levels results in less youth participation a year later. He is qualified to present this topic because of his excellence as a recreational administrator and university professor as it relates to bullying prevention and hands on service in both fields.

‚ÄčClosing Session  11/20/2020 11:10am-1:15pm CT
Dr. Sean Bailey, CEO & President, BCG-North America Corporation
Dr. Sean Bailey is a senior researcher, trainer, leadership coach, and speaker. He specializes in process improvement, professional development, and evidence-based learning design supporting company leaders improve the effectiveness of their training pedagogy.  He often speaks about self-management and improving personal systems to help develop productive habits and a growth mindset.  He serves as the CEO & President of BCG-North America Corporation, an organizational leadership and corporate training company.   Sponsored by Cunningham Recreation