TRPA Elections

2023 TRPA Nominees & Election

The 2023 Election will be held at the TRPA Conference.  TRPA Professional members (as of August 11, 2023) are eligible to vote at the conference or early vote through TRPA's electronic portal.  After August 11, 2023, all professional members will be emailed a link for early voting.  If you early vote you will not be able to in person vote.  We cannot see how you voted, but we can see that you voted. 

Please be sure you have PAID your 2023/24 membership dues no later than August 11, 2023. 

District, Branch, and Interest Section voting will be held at the in-person meetings at the conference.  Be sure you have logged in and selected your Branches and Sections No later than August 11, so that you can vote at the meetings. 


Tiffany McCollins. 
 I was born and raised in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, and outdoor recreation was a huge part of my upbringing. Fast-forward 30-plus years later, I am now a Certified Park and Recreation Professional. A graduate of North Carolina State University,  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in interpersonal communication, and then moved on to the University of Memphis, earning a Master of Science degree in physical education teacher education.  I started my career with the City of Memphis  Parks  & Neighborhoods in 2015 as director for the Douglass Community Center. It was there that I introduced creative and innovative programming strategies to a community with rich history. Possessing a continuous drive and a commitment to serve, I sought out opportunities for advancement because I knew I could make a broader impact for a larger group of people.

In 2017, I became a recreation program manager overseeing Section 8 community centers throughout the City of Memphis. In this role, I was responsible for managing payroll and establishing and maintaining working relationships with the media, as well as  
networking with the public. Additionally, I ensured staff had adequate resources to perform in their designated job functions, and oversaw the execution of all youth and family programming.  I  served in this capacity through 2019, when an opportunity for advancement was afforded me and a promotion granted, naming me as the youth and family services administrator. I served in this role for four years, overseeing the operations of 24 community centers and approximately 200 staff members. Proudly accepting yet another promotion in January 2023, I was named the community center operations senior administrator; here I am currently responsible for the full operations of 30 facilities, including all 24 community centers and six senior services centers.

Working for Memphis Parks has afforded me numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have been an active member of the TRPA Board of Directors since 2019. Serving in these capacities,  I  am thankful to share my part in making a difference statewide:
•  Ethnic Minority Interest chair-elect, 2019
•  Ethnic   Minority   Interest chair, 2020
•  West District chair-elect, 2021
•  West District chair, 2022
•   Administration  Branch  chair-elect, 2023
•  TRPA president nominee, 2023

As I continue to work for the “Best in Green,” my hope is that we can build a better Memphis through Positive, Community, Connection.

When I am not working, I am a devoted mother of two boys, ages 3 and 16. I enjoy coaching, playing sports, and vacationing when time permits.

Vice President

Adrianna Moore
is a Memphis native and a graduate of Germantown High School. She attended the University of Memphis, earning her B.A. in sociology, with a concentration in both African American studies and women’s studies. She has been a parks and recreation professional with Memphis Parks for the past 16 years and has held several positions within the Division before posting in her current role as the community engagement administrator in 2022.

Adrianna has a passion for serving the citizens of Memphis by creating programs and hosting special events that the whole family
can enjoy. She has served on the Board of Directors for TRPA, both as the Ethnic Minority Interest Section (EMIS) chair and
the Awards and Nominations chair. She enjoys networking with her colleagues while attending workshops and conferences, both
interstate and nationwide. Adrianna earned her CPRP credentials in 2020, credited in large part to being a scholarship recipient
through TRPEF. When she isn’t working, Adrianna loves to travel, read and spend quality time with her four fur babies.