Education Opportunities

This schedule is subject to change.  We will post changes to the TRPA conference platform and app as they happen.  All times are in Central Time Zone.

Tuesday 11/17/2020
  • Not Just Another Plan on the Shelf
  • They Don't Know Jack: Youth Sports Coaches and Early Childhood Development
  • Podcasting 101
  • My People? Your People? Nope...OUR People!
  • Nature meets universal design: Designing for active outdoor play for all abilities
  • Volunteer Retention and Engagement
Wednesday 11/18/2020
  • Great Expectations Can Revenue Goals and Social Equity Co-Exist - Sponsored by Landscape Structures represented by Recreation Concepts
  • Using Economic Impact Data to Demonstrate an Agency's Relevance
  • Will the Lifeguard Freeze? How well are we preparing them? 
  • Beyond the book: How libraries partner with parks to enhance informal learning environments

Thursday 11/19/2020
  • Working with your local government to get things done
  • Successful Management of Facilities and Groundskeeping Crews
  • Enough is Enough!!!! Identifying the Recreational Leaders Role in Bullying Prevention.
  • Creating an Influential and Worthwhile Internship Program
  • Neighborhood Parks and Health-Enhancing Physical Activity: The City of Knoxville Experience
  • Recreation Programming in a COVID 19 World
Friday 11/20/2020
  • Having Difficult Discussions with Direct Reports
  • Prepare for the Unexpected! Recreation Facility Risk Management
  • Creating Positive and Lasting Relationships with the Public
  • Conflict Resolution: A Masterclass on the Conflict Resolution Process to Handle Any Size Dispute Sponsored by Cunningham Recreation