Exhibitor Leads Retreival

Utilizing Exhibitor Scanning Features in the App (Exhibitor Mode)

With the 2022.v5 updateAssociated Registrants can view their scanned leads, make notes on individual contacts, and export lead lists. 

Leads may be collected by: 

  • An attendee checking-in with the exhibitor by scanning a QR code through the app: We will provide your printed QR code in your exhibitor packet.

If the user is not in exhibitor mode, the icon will appear as the following: 

Note: If the user is configured as an exhibitor, but the correct icon is not appearing, please try manually refreshing the event through the app. 


    Selecting the Scan QR Code button will display the following UI:

A. Exhibitor Rep. QR code - Display a QR code that attendees can scan. The attendee will be registered as a lead. The attendee will have the exhibitor rep.'s business card and would be checked in with that exhibitor. 

B. Scanner screen - After selecting "New Scan" button (indicated by in the diagram), exhibitors will use this area to 'aim' at the QR code they are scanning 

C. Exhibitor title - Displays the organization the user is representing 

D. List of Scanned leads - Scanned leads, both successful and pending, will appear in this area (If uploads are pending, they are likely due to an unreliable network connection. Once network connection is regained, uploads should happen automatically. If not, please try refreshing the app).

 - Selecting "View All..." will open the following screen with a list of all the leads scanned by the representative during the event:


From the kebab button on the upper-right-hand corner, the representative can export the collected leads (as shown above).

Attendees can see which exhibitors they have checked-in with, by looking at their Registrant Bag.

Accessing Exhibitor Leads in the Backoffice Report

To view the Exhibitor Leads List,  go to  Reports from the Backoffice event page:

If there are any leads generated for an event, a section entitled: Exhibitor QR Leads List will appear with a list of exhibitors and the number of leads generated for the exhibitor. Click on the "Download report" text under the list and a spreadsheet will be downloaded containing information listed on the "Included lead fields" such as:

  • The date and time of the lead generation
  • Exhibitor ID
  • Name of Exhibitor
  • Method of lead generation 
    • "Representative Barcode Scan" or "Attendee Barcode Scan"
  • Exhibitor representative who created the lead
  • Representative/Attendee notes/comments
  • Name, email address, job title, organization, phone number, website, and photo URL

 The information contained in the generated leads spreadsheet will be coming from the Registrant profile that is populated by the event admins or an integration, and not the user profiles that the attendees control, so it is beneficial to have a detailed registrant roster (If the scanned lead is not a registrant, only the default information: Date and time, Exhibitor ID, Exhibitor Name, Method, Representative Name, Notes, Attendee Name, and Attendee Email will be listed in the downloaded report).