2022 Conference Schedule at A Glance

Monday, November 14

7:00am          Maintenance Institute Registration at Rocky Top
7:30-3:00pm  Maintenance Institute Sponsored by SiteOne  
8:15-3:15pm  LGI Review (CHANGE- all in one day and must have current LGI) - lunch provided
8:00-11:00am  Decorator Setup Pipe & Drape    
Noon-3:00pm  Exhibitor set up        
Noon-4:00pm  Registration Open  
1:00-3:15pm  Educational Offsites  
1:00-2:00pm  Educational Sessions 
1:00-3:00pm  TRPA Annual & Board Meeting  
2:15-3:15pm  Educational Sessions   
3:30-4:45pm  Opening Session with Keynote Sponsored by Ragan Smith
*4:45-6:45pm Dinner with the Exhibitors Sponsored by BuyBoard
4:45-6:45pm  Voting Open in Exhibit Hall booth
6:45-9:30pm  Fun In Exhibit Hall with District Games Sponsored by Hawkins

Tuesday, November 15

7:15-9:30am  Maintenance Institute Sponsored by SiteOne
7:30-4:00pm  Registration Desk & TRPA Office Open 
8:00-10:45am  Educational Offsites 
8:30-9:30am  Educational Sessions
9:45-10:45am  Educational Sessions
11:00-11:30am  Branch Meetings 
*11:30-1:30pm  Lunch with exhibitors
11:30-1:30pm  Voting Open in Exhibit Hall booth
1:45-2:30pm  Interest Section Meetings
2:45-4:30pm  Fly Fishing Experience
2:45-3:45pm  Educational Sessions 
2:45-5:00pm  Educational Offsites
4:00-5:00pm  Educational Sessions
5:30-7:00pm  Distinguished Young Professionals/Past Presidents/Fellows Event Sponsored by Pigeon Forge Parks & Recreation
5:30-10:00pm  Enjoy Downtown Gatlinburg with Scavenger Hunt Sponsored by Cunningham Recreation  

Wednesday, November 16

7:45-4:15pm  Registration/TRPA Office Open 
8:00-10:45am  Educational Offsites 
8:30-9:30am  Educational Sessions 
9:45-10:45am  Educational Sessions 
11:00-11:45am  District Meetings
*11:45-1:15pm  Lunch Sponsored by Lose Design
1:30-3:30pm  Disc Golf Tournament 
1:30-5:00pm  Educational Offsite
1:30-2:30pm  Educational Sessions
2:45-3:45pm Educational Sessions
4:00-5:00pm  Educational Sessions 
*6:00-8:00pm  Awards Banquet   Sponsored by Kimley-Horn
8:00-11:00pm  Dance after banquet

Thursday, November 17

*9:00-11:00am  Branch & Section Awards Breakfast  Sponsored by Barge Design
11:30-12:30pm  Educational Offsite
* Meal included in full registration