Pre-Conference Events

Turf Grass Workshop  
Sunday 8:00-6:00 pm and Tuesday 8:00-3:30 pm


$35 for full conference attendees 


Join us for an immersive pre-conference workshop on Turf Grass Management, featuring industry experts delving into both natural and synthetic turf. Beginning at the picturesque Old Fort Golf Course on Sunday- participants will focus on natural grass, exploring topics such as maintenance, sustainability, and performance. The day concludes with a relaxing 9 holes of golf, providing a perfect blend of theory and practice. On Monday morning, the workshop moves to the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex, where experts will offer valuable insights into synthetic turf, covering aspects ranging from cost analysis to installation and maintenance best practices. This workshop promises to equip attendees with comprehensive knowledge crucial for effective turf management in various settings. 

Tennis Center Workshop 

Sunday 8:00-6:00 pm

$20 for full conference attendees. 

Join us for an enlightening workshop at the Adams Tennis Complex, where we will explore the intricacies of Tennis Center management. In collaboration with the USTA, we'll examine their pivotal role in the industry and their contributions to tennis center management. Additionally, the superintendent of the Adams Tennis Complex will share critical insights into facility operations, covering everything from day-to-day management to financial considerations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to tennis center management, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge and network with industry experts. 

Grant Writing Workshop

Monday 8:00-3:00 pm

$60 for full conference attendees. 

Join Vicki Lake from West Tennessee Health Care for an in-depth look at applying for grants including where to look, samples of funded programs and more. Vivki has over 20 years of applying for and administering grants with community partners. She will share her tips and tricks in this course.