Community Garden Project

Come Grow with Us!

 The Misson Behind Our Project:

The TRPA Community Garden Grant is a collaboration between TRPA and the State of Tennessee, Department of Health (TDOH) and the Walmart Foundation. A community garden is a vital educational tool. Every seed planted sprouts a new opportunity for kids to cultivate healthy eating habits and provides an uncommon way to receive physical activity for today’s youth!

Teaching kids and adults to garden helps them learn about complex topics like productivity, sustainability, conservation, food systems, community awareness, environmental education, and with a little creativity can be used with everyday educational curriculum like math, science, reading, and more.

Each applicant was eligible for $2,000 to start a new edible community garden or for a new expansion to a pre-existing garden. Each project was required to have at least two partners from different organizations working together for the common goal of growing and sustaining a garden. All groups attended a TRPA Community Garden Workshop.  141 Grants were awarded on a reimbursement basis, the grantee spent the funds, then submitted a reimbursement request. The funds were only awarded to projects for edible gardens which focused on teaching nutrition education and physical activity.


FREE Resources   Our funding is over, but you can still access the FREE resources below

Ag in the classroom video
Gardening 101 video
Gardening and Nutrition curriculums, documents and powerpoints