2018 TRPA Board of Directors



Angela Hill, President

Simon Bradbury, President Elect & Site Selection Chair

Thomas Laird, Past President, Personnel Committee Chair and Ways & Means Committee Chair

Lauren Cox, Vice President

Bob Benson, Treasurer/Secretary

Brittany Garrett, Central District Director

Marcus Robinson, West District Director

Brook Hemphill, East District Director

AJ Fox, Administation Branch Chair

Gary Arbit, Facilities & Parks Branch Chair

Sandy MacDiarmid, Programming & Recreation Branch Chair

Gary Rudolph, Ethnic Minority Interest Section Chair

Dan Jackson, Municipal/County Interest Section Chair


Special Appointments

Dank Hawkins, Awards Committee Chair

Doug Bataille, Conference Host Chair

Aaron Browning, Conference Program Committee Chair

Adrianna Moore and Gary Rudolph, Diversity Committee

Chris Guerin and Randy Crawley, Membership Chair

Amy Mitchell, Nominations & Elections Committee Chair

Sybil Dancer, Professional Development Chair

Angela Hill, Thomas Laird, Bob Benson, Public Policy Committee

TBD, Publications Chair

TBD, Student Services Chair

Shan Criswell, TRPEF Chair

Margaret Jones, TN Senior Games Rep

Lanny Goodwin, Ways & Means At Large

Chester Darden, Risk Management