2020-2021 TRPA Board of Directors

Christina Clark, President

Dave Anderson, President Elect & Site Selection Chair

Bob Benson, Past President, Personnel Committee Chair and Ways & Means Committee Chair

Vonda Wooten, Vice President

Lauren Cox, Treasurer/Secretary

Vonchelle Stembridge, Central District Director

Undrae Johnson, West District Director

Sam Miller, East District Director

Dallas Long, Administration Branch Chair

Marty Smith, Facilities & Parks Branch Chair

Candace Ward, Programming & Recreation Branch Chair

Bridgett Parham, Ethnic Minority Interest Section Chair

Austin McCarter, Municipal/County Interest Section Chair


Special Appointments to be chosen by current President

Marcha Allen, Awards Committee Chair

Jennifer Letourneau, Conference Host Chair

Sarah Jennings, Membership Chair

Evelyn Young, Nominations & Elections Committee Chair

Sybil Dancer, Professional Development Chair

Lanny Goodwin, Ways & Means At Large

Becki Johnson, Publications Chair

Nethraja Rajaratnam, Charter and Bylaws Chair

Aaron Browning, TRPEF Chair

TBD, Student Services Chair