2023-2024 TRPA Board of Directors


Aaron Browning, President 

Undrae Johnson, Past President, Personnel Committee Chair, and Ways & Means Committee Chair

Tiffany McCollins, President-Elect, and Site Selection Chair

Adrianna Moore, Vice President

Seth Rodgers, Treasurer/Secretary

Robert Sutton, Central District Director
Christi David, West District Director
Nikki Crutcher, East District Director
April Norris, Administration Branch Chair

Ryan Rhodus, Facilities & Parks Branch Chair
Corey Brown, Programming & Recreation Branch Chair
Randy Crawley, Jr., Ethnic Minority Interest Section Chair
Sarah Jennings, Municipal/County Interest Section Chair
Matthew Smiley, Young Professionals Interest Section Chair


Special Appointments chosen by the current President

Achana Jarrett, Awards Committee Chair
Thomas Laird, Conference Host Chair
Kayce Williams, Conference Program Chair

Brian Smith, Membership Chair
Jazmin Barney, Nominations & Elections Committee Chair
Kelly Forster, Professional Development Chair
Dallas Long, Ways & Means At Large
Jenna Landstrom, Publications Chair

Randy Crawley, Charter and Bylaws Chair
Simon Bradbury TRPEF Chair